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27 mars 2008 4 27 /03 /mars /2008 18:39

The Song of Iqbal

By Casse L. Forczek
© 1997


My father sold me to a carpet man
I go to his factory at 4 am
I’m working all day as hard as I can
I’m just a child workin’ like a man

My father sold me to a carpet man
Who runs a factory in Pakistan
For a twelve dollar debt he could not pay
I work like a slave for six cents a day

Chained to my loom...Pretty rugs for your room
My name is Iqbal – And my life’s full of gloom.
No breaks, no lunch... do the best I can
No school, no play... in Holy Pakistan.

I’m four years young, and I only know one way
Makin’ rugs for your rooms ... and I don’t how to play.
Like some kids in China weaving pretty colored rugs..
They slave to make toys...No kittens...or hugs.

I sit at the loom 12 hours strong
I don’t know this is very wrong –
Working in silence all through the day
I don’t even know there’s another way.

When I ran away, I would pay, be attacked
With relentless beatings on my back.
I had no choice, for I needed to stay
And labor again for six cents a day.

My name is Iqbal and I’m only five
I don’t even know that I am alive.
When I’m six I hope this torture will cease
Or is this the way it must always be?

At the age of six, I dreamt of the loom.
No dreams of puppies, or toys in my room.
Now I am seven, and trust God has a plan...
To save the children from the factory man.

I’m eight years old, And think I can say...
That I do what I’m told, But I hate every day
Now I am nine and BLF* set me free
I escaped to a Rally from the factory.

The papers were sent when I was just ten...
I’ll never return to the loom again!
My story can now be told to more –
We no longer owe the factory store

The school of knowledge
Fed my spirit a feast –
And then my light went out,
When I was shot near a beast.

Do not buy pretty rugs or toys,
That are made by children -- girls and boys.
Watch for the “Rugmark” that makes this decree:
“I’m made by a worker that’s grown-up and free”!

* Bonded Labour Liberation Front (in Pakistan)


Iqbal had the dream to read and help other boys and girls. After being freed at ten years old, Iqbal Masih became an outspoken advocate for working children and was awarded the Reebok Human Rights Award in America at the age of 11. Back in Pakistan, he rallied and set over 3,000 children free. Then, at the age of 12, he was murdered on Easter Sunday in 1995.

quizz: http://pagesperso-orange.fr/annie.gwynn/cours/childLabour/personabc.htm


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