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  • Site collègue: ex de phonologie (28/04/2009)
  • Reading ex (28/04/2009)
    lots of ex : re ordering paragraphs, etc http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/index.php?page=academic-reading-exercises
  • Ex linking words (28/04/2009)
  • site English Online (28/04/2009)
    Lots of interesting activities! http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/index.php?page=home
  • Listening ex (28/04/2009)
    Dictations with videos (conversations, movie trailers, etc): http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/index.php?page=english-listening-exercises http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/index.php?page=academic-dictation-exercises
  • -ed pronunciation (28/04/2009)
    ex pronunciation -ed: http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/uploads/ressources/pronunciation/01_-ed_endings/01_ed.htm
  • nationality words (28/04/2009)
    ex interactifs sur les nationalités: http://eolf.univ-fcomte.fr/index.php?page=nationality-words
  • Amazing Susan Boyle! (26/04/2009)
    Stunning indeed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyrxTgt4OwA
  • Portuguese water dog 'Bo' joins first family (16/04/2009)
    The puppy, a Portuguese water dog, as anticipated, is 6 months old and black and white. It was named Bo by Obama's daughters, Malia and Sasha, apparently in honor of their maternal grandfather. Photo gallery: http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/l0904...
  • le site du zéro (10/04/2009)